ERI’s John Shegerian Leads ‘Protecting Your Brand’ Panel at Cyber Investing Summit

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John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ERI, the nation’s leading fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, led a panel discussion on ‘Protecting Your Brand’ in the age of data security and privacy threats as part of a panel discussion at the Cyber Investing Summit last Thursday at Convene – Financial District in New York City.

Attendees at the fourth annual Cyber Investing Summit explored the financial opportunities, trends, challenges, and investment strategies available in the high growth cyber security sector. Participants included more than 200 of the leading cyber professionals, technology analysts, venture capitalists, fund managers, investment advisors, government experts, and more.

Shegerian spoke with panelists Stephen Fridakis, Chief Information Security Officer at HBO; Cody Oliver, Senior Manager of Investment Recovery for Verizon; and John Sowder, Information Technology Director for the Major League Baseball Players Association; about some of the best practices for brand protection and the role technology plays in that process.

“In this age of rampant cybercrime, identity theft and hardware hacking, it’s time for government agencies, businesses and individuals to find ways to come together and create innovative partnerships to help protect digital data as a crucial top priority,” said Shegerian. “At this point, to protect data is to protect a brand and all its customers and constituents. It has been an honor to be asked to lead the discussion at this vitally important conference and hear such enlightening insights and anecdotes from such knowledgeable thought leaders from such iconic brands.”

“We were thrilled to have ERI participate in the 4 th annual Cyber Investing Summit,” said Cyber Investing Summit Co-Founder and CEO Lindsey Lachman. “Data security and the issues surrounding it continue to be evolving and urgently important situations right now in virtually all sectors, so we focused on providing panel discussions packed with thought leaders. It’s great to have an expert like John Shegerian of ERI, who are innovators in the cyber security and data destruction fields, help lead the conversation.”