Brendan M. Egan & John S. Shegerian Announce Release Of First Book, 101 Tips From The Marketing Masters

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 Brendan M. Egan & John S. Shegerian, serial entrepreneurs and founders of The Marketing Masters, a digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, announced this week the release of their first book, 101 Tips From The Marketing Masters – Ways To Supercharge Your Marketing & Exponentially Grow Your Business.

The nearly 400 page book covers 101 unique marketing tips and spans topics including marketing basics, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), digital advertising, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, offline marketing, lead handling, and more. 

Written with both business owners and marketers in mind, each chapter of the book contains actionable tips learned by the duo in their over thirty years of combined marketing experience and over ten years of experience running marketing campaigns for over 300 clients and businesses.

"There are a ton of great books available in the marketing space, so John and I wanted to do something different that would benefit both marketing experts and business owners alike," said Egan.  "This book breaks down much of what we do for our clients every day running our agency, and gives simple and actionable tips for improving nearly all aspects of your marketing."

"Over my 30 plus years in marketing dozens of businesses, I have learned that the difference between success and failure can be measured in inches not feet," added Shegerian.  "This book is designed to provide little details and pieces of information often overlooked by both novice and even expert marketers, and help you have the tools and tactics necessary to truly make your business stand apart from your competitors."

The e-book is now available on Amazon, with a print version being published in spring 2020.