South Korea’s LS-Nikko Copper Teams Up with ERI to Recycle America’s Precious Metals

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ERI, the nation’s leading fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, is teaming with South Korea’s LS-Nikko Copper, one of the world’s largest precious metals and copper smelters, to provide metal recycling services. Often referred to as “the recyclers’ recycler,” ERI, through its unique partnership with LS-Nikko Copper, also provides a full suite of precious metal recycling and smelting services to other recycling companies.

LS-Nikko Copper plays a significant role in the development of the world’s electric and electronics industries by producing and supplying high quality basic materials while opening the door to the future of copper smelting with continuous innovative efforts in the smelter digitalization project.

“We are operating our Onsan smelter stable at normal capacity thanks to seamless support from our valuable business partners while the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated globally,” said TS Choi, Vice President of the Raw Material Division of LS-Nikko Copper. “The Onsan port, a private international port operated by LS-Nikko Copper, remains open for importing copper concentrate, and the Korean government has designated our Onsan smelter as an essential business, avoiding any disruption during this pandemic. Our key priorities are not only to ensure the operation remains robust, but also to provide the best solution to our suppliers in the midst of challenging business circumstances.”

The company is also a green business trailblazer and long-time partner and investor in ERI. The relationship has for more than a decade provided a home for the massive volume of commodities that come from ERI’s electronic waste recycling facilities.

“Because of our longstanding relationship with one of the world’s top brands – LS-Nikko Copper and LS Group – we are able to offer other collectors and recyclers of electronic waste the best possible set of solutions for their precious metals extraction and recycling needs,” said John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ERI. “Our message to recyclers of all sizes is that we want all of your precious metals so that we can responsibly recycle the materials and get them back into the circular economy.”

ERI is the only ITAD company in the country that partners not only with manufacturers and retailers, but with other recyclers as well – to jointly trailblaze the Circular Economy by closing the materials loop.

“Thanks to our state-of-the-art tracking system, our A.I.-driven robots and our innovative shredder technology, all metals, plastics, glass … everything … can be tracked and prepared for beneficial re-use into new products,” added Shegerian. “Plus, all of our facilities are 100% zero waste, zero landfill.”

ERI maintains eight NAID-, e-steward- and R2-certified, state-of-the-art e-waste recycling centers, processing and responsibly recycling hundreds of millions of pounds of e-waste every year. ERI has facilities in Fresno, CA; Sumner, WA; Flower Mound, TX; Aurora CO; Plainfield, IN; Badin, NC; Holliston, MA; and Lincoln Park, NJ.

“We know how important it is to recycling businesses of all sizes to be able to partner with a responsible, sustainable, and fully certified electronics recycler and data destruction company they can trust, especially now – as many companies weather the challenges brought on by the coronavirus situation,” added Shegerian. “ERI is standing by, available to help with all electronics recycling, precious metals management, ITAD, and sustainability needs.”

Businesses wanting to transport materials or fulfill copper and precious metal recycling needs – or e-waste recycling needs in general – can contact ERI’s team of professionals at or 1-800-ERI-DIRECT. ERI is standing by, ready to help with all electronics recycling, ITAD, and sustainability needs.