Why You Should Never Throw Away Your Old Tech

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John Shegerian was recently quoted in a TIME article regarding data security and data destruction as part of electronic disposal.

“No one wants their personal business in the wrong hands…”

“No one wants their personal business in the wrong hands, whether it’s just embarrassing, whether it ruins future job opportunities, or whether it’s in criminals’ hands who are going to swipe that data and take money from bank accounts,” says John S. Shegerian, co-founder and CEO of Electronics Recyclers International (ERI).

“We [wipe data] for the highest-level people in big government, small government, large cities, and for people like us who are very worried now not only about where their stuff is going from an environmental perspective, but for their own personal data,” Shegerian says.

The piece was featured in the “Data Security” section of TIME’s website. To view the full article and learn more, visit http://time.com/3650412/recycle-phones-e-waste/