Entrepreneur’s Cyber Firm Shreds Hacked Servers Into Tiny Little Pieces

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A couple of burly men walk into an office building and emerge an hour later carrying a few new servers and some network gear. They put the equipment into the back of an eighteen-wheeler and haul it to an offsite location. The computers and peripherals are loaded onto a giant shredder and mashed into tiny little bits. Cyber incident response complete. Huh?

Believe it not, hardware destruction has become the last mile of data breach and incident response for a growing number of corporations and government agencies which have been victims of cybercrime.

John Shegerian calls his company — Electronic Recyclers, Inc. (ERI) — “the world’s largest cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company”. Shegerian walked on stage at the 2016 Cyber Investing Summit earlier this week — holding a canister filled with metal pieces… the remains of a server which had been hacked. It was definitely the coolest demo at the security event which was held on Wall Street. At a cocktail reception on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange afterward, Shegerian was peppered with questions from lingering attendees which included CISOs, IT security experts, VCs, investors, and one curious Forbes Contributor. Does ERI really get paid to hack up hacked systems? Yup.

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