ERI Featured in Time Magazine Coverage of 4G to 5G Switchover

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ERI, the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste and the world’s largest cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, has been prominently featured in a Time Magazine article about the impending 4G to 5G switchover and the glut of e-waste it is likely to generate in its wake.

The article, titled “ The World Has an E-Waste Problem,” describes the “fresh mountain of obsolete gadgets” that occurs whenever new technology emerges and how a significantly disruptive technology shift such as the forthcoming 4G to 5G switchover could be the most dramatic example yet, with millions of devices suddenly becoming obsolete.

Several photographs taken at ERI’s Fresno facility illustrate the article, which also includes a description of ERI’s innovative shredding technologies. It also includes multiple expert quotes on the subject by ERI Co-Founder and Executive Chairman John Shegerian and ERI Co-Founder and COO Aaron Blum. In his comments, Shegerian explains that, “I don’t think people understand the magnitude of the transition. This is bigger than the change of black-and-white to color, bigger than analog to digital, by many multitudes.”

“It’s an honor to be included as a resource for Time Magazine, and we applaud journalists like the Time’s Alana Semuels who are following and reporting on these issues,” said Shegerian. “Already faced with an enormous glut of e-waste, businesses, individuals and government agencies need to be prepared to recycle their electronic waste, particularly with the emergence of 5G on the horizon. All unwanted or obsolete items should be properly recycled from an environmental and data protection standpoint.”

The article appears in the June 3, 2019 issue of Time and can be viewed in print and online.