John Shegerian Featured as Electronics Recycling Expert 

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John Shegerian, a co-founder of ERI, was recently interviewed on the YouTube channel Above the Noise as an expert on electronic recycling. Shegerian discussed the value of recycling technological debris and its environmental effects in the interview, pleading with consumers to be responsible when removing electronic waste.

According to Shegerian, with 53 million metric tons produced annually worldwide, electronic waste is the waste stream with the fastest rate of growth. Anything from smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other gadgets may be included in this garbage stream. These products can release hazardous chemicals into the environment when not properly recycled, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. This can lead to the contamination of air, water, and soil.

Recycling electronic garbage, in Shegerian’s opinion, is essential to reducing the harm that e-waste causes to the environment. ERI recycles over 700 million pounds of electronic waste annually, keeping it out of landfills and lowering the number of harmful materials released into the environment.

Shegerian underlines the possibility of economic gains from recycling electronic waste, in addition to its positive effects on the environment. In order to create new products, recycled materials can be repurposed, which lowers the demand for new raw materials and lowers production costs.

Shegerian also emphasizes the importance of responsible e-waste recycling. He explains that ERI follows strict environmental and safety regulations to ensure that the recycling process is safe for both the workers and the environment. He encourages consumers to recycle their electronic waste properly by finding a reputable recycling company and avoiding “e-waste dumping,” which involves sending electronic waste to developing countries where it is often processed in unsafe and unhealthy ways.

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