ERI CEO Cites Recent Survey as Proof Individual & Professional Digital Security Habits Urgently Need to Improve

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Citing data reported recently from a WinMagic and Nielsen survey, John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste, is urging businesses and individuals to improve digital security habits.

A current PC Magazine article about the survey revealed approximately two-thirds of all computer users admit their e-mails, photos and video content are at risk, while two out of five feel their financial information is vulnerable as well, largely due to failing to take basic precautions, such as regularly changing passwords (something less than one-third of computer users do on a regular basis).

“Apathy and unprotected data are a dangerous combination,” said Shegerian. “In this age of frequent cybercrime, identity theft and hardware hacking, it’s definitely time to take the matter of digital security very seriously. Most people wouldn’t leave a wallet or purse sitting out in a public place unguarded, yet that is exactly what the majority of electronics device users are doing with their private information.

“Perhaps one of the most overlooked precautions we need to take,” added Shegerian, “is how we protect the data on our devices when we are ready to dispose of those devices. Be it a smartphone, consumer or business laptop, hard drive or tablet, technology today is far too vulnerable to the attacks of cyber thieves. Properly recycling all old and unwanted items no matter who you are is vitally important for so many reasons.  Our digital security, our environment and the reliability of the new devices we purchase all rest in the balance of us recycling the right way. The key is for everyone to remember to safely recycle all old and unwanted items at the end of their lifecycles. This final step in the life of a consumer electronic device is crucial for the sake of our personal digital security and our environment. Recycling the right way with a certified recycling company you can trust is more important than ever.”