ERI Founders John Shegerian and Aaron Blum Explain Urgency of E-Waste Recycling at Emerging Green 2015

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John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste, stressed the urgency of globally responsible recycling of e-waste at the Green Electronics Council’s Emerging Green 2015 conference.

Addressing an audience made up of some of the foremost leaders of the global technology industry, Shegerian described the challenges, opportunities and benefits of responsible electronic recycling programs. He also explained the mounting environmental problems caused by our nation’s surplus of e-waste and as the vital role responsible recycling of electronics plays in the protection of digital data.

Shegerian spoke as part of the event’s kickoff plenary program, titled “Electronics in a Circular Economy.” He was joined on the panel by Chandrakant Patel, Ph.D., of Hewlett-Packard Labs; Judy Glazer, Ph.D., of Hewlett-Packard’s Social and Environmental Responsibility department; and Alejandro Santacreu of Circular Devices. The discussion was moderated by Mike Biddle, Ph.D., a Green Electronics Council Board Member and founder of MBA Polymers.

ERI Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer Aaron Blum participated in a panel on the impact of hazardous substances. Blum was joined on the panel by representatives from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Electronics TakeBack Coalition and ENERGY STAR.

“It’s an honor and privilege for both Aaron and myself to have been asked to speak before such an esteemed and influential audience of technology thought leaders on crucially important topics,” said Shegerian. “The Emerging Green conference is the ideal event to share best practices and drive home the importance of committing to sustainability best practices throughout the technology industry. We thank our friends at the Green Electronics Council for taking such a proactive role in helping us share just how important it is to recycle e-waste responsibly, and the role that plays in a circular economy.”

The Emerging Green Conference is the premiere gathering of technology leaders to discuss the advances, challenges and future of sustainable electronics. Throughout the week, experts and thought leaders focus on the unique hurdles and opportunities that electronics pose. Emerging Green addresses the full spectrum of the electronics lifecycle, from material selection and supply chain social issues to closing the loop and emerging technologies.