ERI Featured In The Verge Discussing E-waste Recycling

Categories: In The News, John Shegerian

The Verge recently interviewed CEO John Shegerian and featured ERI in a piece highlighting the success of the New York City e-waste recycling program.

“It’s a constant challenge,” says John Shegerian, CEO of the Fresno, California-based Electronics Recyclers International. With seven facilities around the country, ERI is one of the biggest e-waste recyclers in the US. Since getting into the business over a decade ago, the company’s margins have exploded. In April of 2005, it recycled 10,000 pounds of e-waste; this last April, that number spiked to 23 million pounds. ERI recycles most of New York City’s residential e-waste, which translated to over 2 million pounds in 2015 alone. “It’s a huge enterprise to recycle electronics in a responsible way… We’re recycling a couple hundred million pounds a year, over a billion pounds in our lifetime as a company, and we’ve still only scratched the surface.”

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